Former NFL & Denver Bronco Superstar, Recovering Addict, Certified Recovery Coach

Vance Johnson Headshot

Vance Johnson is a former wide receiver for the Denver Broncos who played in the NFL from 1985 to 1995, helping his team to three Super Bowl appearances. After an impressive NFL career, Vance Johnson began struggling with alcohol addiction, leading to various episodes of domestic issues during his career. Realizing a dramatic change in his life was needed, Vance completed treatment for his addiction.

With over two years of sobriety under his belt, Vance now works at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches where he recently became a Certified Recovery Coach and a member of “The Pro Recovery Team,” a group of five former NFL and MLB athletes who dedicated their lives to help those struggling with addiction. The Recovery Team founded by Randy Grimes have completed extensive sober coach training which make them some of the most effective and in-demand mentors in the industry.

In addition to sharing his personal story, Vance is open to discussing:

  • Memorable moments in his career and his Super Bowl experiences
  • Concussions and their impact on Substance Abuse

To inquire about Vance to present at your next event,

please contact or (303) 478-6652