Ruth and Jim headshot2010The Dynamic Duo

Bring energy and depth to your program with this seasoned couple. Their message from stage is clear, practical, engaging and expansive.

Jim Sharon, EdD, and Ruth Sharon, MS, founders of Energy for Life, are dedicated to guiding people to improve their overall well-being in very simple and holistic ways. They welcome the opportunity to facilitate individuals, couples and groups to view life through the lens of the soul. Creating and sustaining loving, sacred relationships is their guiding principle.

Jim Sharon, EdD, and Ruth Sharon, MS, are available to speak on topics such as: 

  • Secrets of a Soulful Marriage
  • Opening and Sustaining Proactive Communication
  • The Power and Beauty of a Balanced Life
  • Managing Stress Gracefully
  • Happy at Home, Effective at Work!

Your audience will be uplifted as Jim and Ruth masterfully catalyze personal development and relationship skill-building.

Jim, a licensed psychologist; Ruth, a licensed professional counselor have served their clients in private practice for over four decades. They delight in speaking, writing, leading seminars/retreats and building community.  The Sharons specialize in couples’ therapy, Coaching for Soulful Couples, and Coaching for Singles Seeking Soulful Connection, presenting seminars and facilitating couples retreats.

SecretsSoulfulMarriage_front_cover Jim and Ruth, married for over forty years, are the grateful parents of three amazing adult children and grandparents to two precious girls.

They are the authors of the newly-released book from SkylIght Paths Publishing, Secrets of a Soulful Marriage: Creating and Sustaining Loving, Sacred Relationships.

Dr. Jim Sharon is the editor of Ordinary Men, Extraordinary Lives: Defining Moments, founder of Whole Man Expo and Network, and the author of the Holistic Health Inventory. Ms. Ruth Sharon is the author of Be Your Best Self: Yoga for Families (with daughter Alyssa Sharon and granddaughter Hannah Green) and of Conflict: A Way to Peace.

To inquire about Jim and Ruth’s availability and rates,

please contact or (303) 478-6652

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