Rulon Gardner

Rulon Gardner

Olympic Gold and Bronze

In the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Rulon Gardner shocked the world when he defeated the previously unbeaten Russian, Alexander Karelin.

After a devasting accident where he was lost in the Wyoming wilderness overnight in winter, sopping wet, he moved past the amputation of a toe to win Olympic Bronze in Athens, where he ceremoniously retired from Greco-Roman Wrestling.

Rulon shares with his audience the sense of determination, the self-confidence, and the fighting spirit that gave him the strength to stand up against seemingly unbeatable odds and win.

Speech Topic: 

“Never Give Up, Never Stop Trying: 7 Steps to Success”

Genre: Motivation; Overcoming Adversity; Hard Work; Dreams Come True

Rulon travels from Colorado, $10,000-15,000

Contact or (303) 478-6652

for availability or more information.

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