karen hat 3 (1) Black Hat BoaFormer TV Host and Producer Patricia Be, started Patricia’s Big Closet because she wanted to share what she had learned from the experts.  Working in the industry for over 25 years, she discovered many of the fashion tricks used by the celebrities and wanted to share that knowledge to help empower women and change their lives.

While her talents as one of Colorado’s top fashion consultants and stylists has been covered by Channel 4 and the Daily Camera, her skills extend beyond her ability to provide women with affordable high end clothing that look fabulous on them.  Her true gift is the way she transforms women, physically, emotionally and spirituality.

She uses her fashion expertise and high end discounted clothing as a vehicle to help women find their confidence, empowering them to go out in the world and make a difference.

She practices what she teaches as both of her companies, Patricia’s Big Closet and Patricia Be – The Egyptian Beauty Skincare System are run by spiritual law, meaning they are less about making money and more about being of service to others.

Her three showrooms are filled with high end designer clothes, shoes and accessories which she sells at a fraction of the retail price but what makes her so unique is that unlike other stylists, her expertise and incredible fashion advice is absolutely FREE.

There is no charge to book a Makeover with Patricia Be.  Her Makeover sessions are private, one and one and have been known to change women’s lives.  For she believes that beauty has no age, size limit or expiration date as her true calling is her ability to see both a woman’s outer and inner beauty.  Inspiring her to believe not just in herself but in the power that comes from a confident, well dressed woman on a mission to fulfill her destiny.

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