Marlow and Chris Felton, authors of Couples Money, have inspired thousands of couples across the country with their personal story and the insights they share in Couples Money.    Marlow and Chris have 23 plus years combined experience in the financial services industry working with couples of all walks of life.  They mentor and train over 100 financial professionals in their business and are highly respected public speakers. They are recognized as leaders in their industry and have presented for thousands of financial professionals all over the country.

Marlow and Chris also share their personal story of financial transformation and how they got on the “same page” as well as life changing insight from numerous financially independent couples. They are available to share their story as well as powerful financial transformation concepts proven by numerous financially independent couples.  They also work with couples in a workshop setting.

Topics they cover together:

  • Their personal story, in a relatable and humorous manner.
  • Creating prosperity from the inside out.
  • Financial goals and accountability.
  • How to uncover barriers and allow money in!

To book Chris and Marlow, please contact Denver Speakers Bureau at (303) 478-6652

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