Mark McIntosh

Mark McIntosh

For almost 30 years, Mark McIntosh was a television and radio personality. A journalist with a curious attitude about reporting on the news of our times. A decade ago, based upon his own life experiences and those he chronicled as an award-winning reporter, he  founded Victory Productions. His great revelation from traveling the world reporting on events was this: Life is a roller coaster. In the best of times, it will throw you for a loop. In the worst of times it can severely wrench us back and forth.

Victory’s mission is to help others successfully ride the roller coaster. To help others, despite the “What the heck is going on around here?” moments, march forward in the relentless pursuit of achieving goals and overcoming challenges.

Known for an entertaining and engaging style, Mark’s live Pep Talk messages ooze with warmth, humor, encouragement and insight. His books, videos and blogs tap into his journalism skills in profiling others who have courageously overcome great odds to prevail against what ails. Life is challenging. We need encouragement for the journey.

Mark is an encourager and provides quality content designed to help your group effectively deal with change, challenge and adversity.

The Missouri native’s life has taken many unexpected twists and turns along the way. The father of two amazing kids combines those experiences with natural gifts of communication to inspire others to, as he wrote in book three, transform life’s lemons – the heck with lemonade – into sweet and savory margaritas.

Mark would love to bring his enthusiastic attitude about life, and tips for the dips, to your group!

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