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Aka COCO Dragon

Author, Speaker, Inspirer

Maisha is the author of Journey to I, Defiant, Defamed, Disgraced…My Unexpected Path to Success. Maisha’s young life was filled with many perils and challenges, which often times found her on the wrong side of the law. Her tell-all memoir is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Her unbelievable real-life stories shared in Journey to I are creating waves of conversation between teens and their parents.

Maisha offers life-changing observations that her audiences can immediately apply to their lives. As an inspirational speaker, she delivers her message with personality, passion and straight-forward truths. Her life has been crafted through unimaginable challenges and woven into a vibrant tapestry, revealing her remarkable gift of communication. Maisha’s stories about her personal journey have led audiences to laugh, to cry and experience everything in between. She encourages others to reflect inwardly instead of outwardly in order to invite happiness and success.

Whether you are feeling smothered by limiting beliefs or paralyzed by indecision, she offers a process that is designed to bring clarity. It is profound, yet surprisingly simple. Her natural speaking approach ripples across the generational gap.

Your journey is just one step away.

To book Maisha, please contact Denver Speakers Bureau at (303) 478-6652

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