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Kenyon Salo is one of the top trainers, facilitators and keynote speakers in his field of adventure, leadership, team building, sales, inspiration and motivation. One of only six members on the Denver Broncos Thunderstorm Skydive Team he is seen each week flying into Sports Authority Field at 60+mph, ending with a soft tip-toe landing on the ten yard line. He brings to the stage over 20+ years of successful audience engagement through humor, awe-inspiring moments, prolific storytelling and edge-of-the seat content. His goal is to deliver high caliber, powerful and heart touching content to each person in the room.

Fast Facts:

  • Master Trainer and Speaker of more than 30k+ people
  • Trainer for a National Social Media Campaign for Fortune 500 Company
  • Featured on NFL Films, ESPN, NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, MTV
  • NFL Denver Broncos Thunderstorm Skydive Team
  • Performed Stand-Up Comedy at Denver Comedy Works
  • Travelled to 25+ Countries
  • Believes in High Quality and Professional Experiences
  • Photographer, Adventure Video Creator
  • 5000+ Skydives
  • 400+ BASE Jumps
  • 2 Amazing Kids

Kenyon absolutely embodies the true meaning behind…”Follow Your Passion.” Eight years back he decided to leave a fast track corporate job in order to follow his dreams, bliss and passion. He had recently cleansed his plate, by selling all of his businesses of 11 years and focusing only on items that were 100% in alignment with his true path.

After a series of self directed, thought provoking months…He wrote down his “A for Astronaut to Z for Zoologist List”. A list to determine who he was and who he was supposed to become. His journey was to write all the adventures that he loved to experience and strengths that who made him who he really desired to be. This required thinking about his personal journey from childhood to this very day.

It was then that he realized it was very clear that he would be two things…A Life Change Agent and a Master Trainer, but one that would include adventure, fear based activities and looking deep into the minds and hearts of everyone he connected with.

This new introspection into fear and adventure would then assist him in discovering, what each individual, group and/or company feared most and thus what was holding them back from their greatest life and success.

Over the past eight years he has partnered closely with Isagenix International. Isagenix is the leader in Energy, Performance, Weight Loss and Healthy Aging Systems. Through weekly calls, team building, regional and national events he has had the blessing of impacting tens of thousands of lives through health, wellness, wealth and personal development.

With 5000+ skydives, 400+ BASE Jumps and his ultimate thirst for adventure he has been helping 1000s of people find their true inner dreams by confronting their fears and tearing them down. He holds a belief that if he personally will confront the worst possible scenarios then anything is possible. His deepest desire is to share these proven concepts with others.

In 2002 he was involved in a a very dangerous BASE jumping incident that empowered him into the development of a world of adventure metaphors. These “Adventure Metaphors”, as a training tool, have proven successful in many different training mediums and desired outcomes. Also, this very crazy BASE incident showed him that death is possible but, “without the realization that death is possible…then he knew there was no real life to live”.

He believes in that, “Life is an adventure…do not die without one!” This double meaning phrase runs deep within his soul and drives him to embrace each and every day that is presented.

With over two decades of self development training he has learned to master his mental states when faced with fears on all levels. His journey has included facing fears from death, participating in extreme sports, fears of family dynamics, his own self/personal destruction, drowning in overwhelming debt, the fear of success, uncertainty and many others.

He knew that once these fears were mastered, it was then possible to harness these fears for power and energy to accomplish anything. He knows now that the trick is to harness that fear as energy instead of letting it paralyze and debilitate him from his ultimate success story and true life adventure.

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