Jendayi Harris

Jendayi Harris

Emotional Intelligence Specialist

Jendayi Harris is an expert in Emotional Intelligence. As a Nationally Certified Counselor, Psychotherapist, and founder of Emotional Fitness Boot camps, she has trained others on becoming emotionally fit. Jendayi uses an approach of interaction and interesting real life stories to illustrate points.

With a strong corporate background as a Regional Sales Representative for financial asset management firms, she brings insight  for the sales professional, business student and leadership. Participants are sure to leave inspired, motivated and ready for increased productivity and more connected working relationships.

Jendayi is the perfect fit for training sessions that involve increasing productivity and focus. She specializes in EQ Bootcamps as well as keynotes and classes for Business and Medical Students, pharmaceutical sales, financial regional sales managers and relationship managers.

To book Jendayi, please contact Denver Speakers Bureau at

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