Janet Evans

Janet Evans

Olympic Swimmer & Motivator


• Recognized as best female distance swimmer in history

• Competed for the USA in three Olympic Games

• Winner of 4 individual Olympic gold medals

• Winner of 1 individual Olympic silver medal

• Winner of 17 International Titles

• Winner of 45 US National Titles

• Winner of 5 World Championship Titles

• Winner of 1989 Sullivan Award

• USOC and International Swimming HOF Inductee

• Broke 7 world records during her career

• Winner of 7 NCAA Titles

• Competed at the 2012 US Olympic Swimming Trials at the age of 40

Janet Evans is widely considered to the be the greatest female distance swimmer in history.

During the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, she won gold medals in all three of her races: the 400
freestyle, the 800 freestyle, and the 1500 freestyle, overtaking the powerful East German
swimmers in the process. Her 400 freestyle victory was won in a world record time.

In 1992 in Barcelona, Janet defended her gold in the 800 freestyle and added a silver in the
400 freestyle.

At the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, Janet swam in both the 400 and 800 freestyle but failed to
medal. The highlight of those Games came at the Opening Ceremonies, where she passed the
Olympic Flame to Muhammed Ali. She retired from competitive swimming at the end of the
Atlanta Games.

Janet broke a total of seven world records in three events during her career. Her 1500 meter
world record stood for 20 years, her 800 world record stood for 21 years, and her 400 world
record stood for 19 years. These records were some of the longest standing records on the
swimming books.

Janet was inducted into the US Olympic Hall of Fame in 2004 and the International Swimming
Hall of Fame in 2001. In 1989, she was awarded the prestigious Sullivan Award as the United
States’ top amateur athlete.

In 2010, Janet mounted a comeback in the sport with the goal of competing a the Olympic
Trials in 2012. She successfully qualified for the Trials, and, at the age 40, had the recent
honor of trying out for the Olympic Team in both events in July of 2012.

Apart from her career as a motivational speaker, corporate spokesperson, and once-again
retired athlete, Janet is a mom and lives in Southern California with her husband and two
young children.

To inquire about Janet, please contact karen@old.denverspeakersbureau.com or (303) 478-6652

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