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Jan has the unique perspective of being a patient for 133 days the year she developed a near fatal Strep-A infection.  Through her often poetic stories, Jan will weave meaning back into the lives of those in the helping professions with her message of finding grace in the present moment.

For Health Care/Helping Professionals:

Holding the Human Spirit in the Palm of your Hand

Key Points:

  • Re-awaken the commitment to the client’s highest outcomes.
  • Increase client satisfaction with a focus on compassionate care.
  • Improve staff relationships through the growth of a person’s own well–being.

Re-igniting the Flames of Compassion

Key Points for Individual Attendees:

  • Recognize wholeness in the midst of struggle.
  • Develop a healthy curiosity about what else is possible in a difficult situation.
  • Gain the tools to create a self-compassion practice that fits within the work day.
  • Lower stress levels and connect to the fire of core values within.

Key Points for the Employer:

  • Lower employee stress through the encouragement of self- compassion practices
  • Improve staff relations through the building blocks of compassionate leadership
  • Lower employee stress leads to lower health costs for company and greater customer satisfaction.

Workshops Offered:

Igniting the flame of Compassion

Around the Kitchen Table:   Find Your Voice, Tell Your Story

About Jan

Jan Haas wants to live in a world where people walk in the power of their own authenticity, where all children have a home, food in their bellies, and books to read; where laughter and friendship replace our differences and connection and compassion are the way of the world.

As a compassionate leadership trainer/speaker, coach, and author, Jan has the opportunity to share her message with people through her weekly video blog series, radio shows and speaking events.

Jan’s first book, Moving Mountains- One Woman’s Fight to Live Again won the 2012 Colorado Independent Publishers Award for a Memoir, and her kindle version reached the  number one spot on Amazon in the Healing and Mental and Spiritual Healing categories.

Jan can be found working one on one with clients, in a workshop teaching belonging and compassionate connection, or out and about with her husband and grown daughters, soaking in the joys of living in Colorado.



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