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Gary Barnes is the global Premier High-Performance Business and Sales Coach, also known as “The Traction Coach”. He is an author, an international speaker and the founder of Gary Barnes International. Gary is dedicated to helping people create wealth in all areas of life.

Benefits of booking Gary Barnes for meeting planners:

  • Gary is known for being one of the easiest speakers to work with in the speaking industry.
  • Gary makes your job easy as he leaves your audience laughing and learning. Gary’s high energy and humor will entertain, inspire and deliver a message that is dynamic, impactful and fun!
  • Gary uses the power of story to help his audiences take charge of their lives – to ignite their dreams and release their passions.
  • Gary’s keynotes, breakouts or workshops are fully customizable to fit your audience needs.
  • Gary’s audiences have ranged from 3 to over 12,000 attendees.
  • Ask how you can receive free books from Gary for your next event!

Gary’s most requested (Engaging, Deeply Touching, Hilarious) talks:

Reach for Your Summits! This talk challenges and gives the audience tips to create their vivid visions and to overcome obstacles. Gary shares his personal experience climbing Colorado’s 14,000 foot mountains and flying a World War II P 51 fighter.

On Purpose Results. Gary believes that 99% of the results that we currently have are on purpose – either subconsciously or consciously. This talk provides the roadmap that empowers listeners to create results that are consciously on purpose. Gary asks the question “Are you a participant or are you a spectator? – it’s your choice!”

Take a Flying Leap. It’s not what happens to us but our reaction to the situation that determines our results. This talk deals with the sensitive topic of overcoming adversity. Gary shares his personal story as seen through the lens of his upbeat sense of humor.  He was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1988 and was told that he would either be in a wheelchair or dead in 10 years. He walks his audience through principles that will help each one deal with their own personal challenges.

Gary’s background (partial list)

Been seen on ABC – CBS – NBC and Fox.

Featured on Kristi Franks (of Donald Trumps “The Apprentice” season #1) The Success Show.

People make a difference – UC Dominguez Hills California , public access TV.

Author of How a Beaver Saved My Life.

Author of Spend and Grow Rich

Newspaper – Radio – Online includes: The Boston Globe, Los Angeles Daily News, Miami Herald, CBS Morning  Watch, Google News, United Press International, Worth Magazine, CNN Ireport, World News Inc., Yahoo finance, Reuters and many more.

About Gary

Gary’s coaching clients span 7 countries. He conducts three 2-day business building boot camps every year called Maximize Your Business Now “LIVE”.

Gary believes anyone can lead an empowered life, no matter what their circumstances are. He has built three successful businesses from the ground up. He also understands dealing with adversity – he has fought life- threatening illness and won.

He believes that your worst day is the day you meet the man or woman you could have been. It’s a choice. His mission in life is to make a difference and to empower everyone he connects with.

Gary is an adventurous soul; well qualified to lead you and your audience on the adventure of their life’s — helping them maximize their lives:

  • He has successfully completed a world class 40-foot firewalk
  • He was a contestant in a Destruction Derby (his car was      the Purple Passion)
  • He flew “Crazy Horse”: a World War II P-51 fighter
  • He has completed a 75 foot bungee jump and flown on a      trapeze.
  • He has climbed 14,000 foot mountains
  • He is a drummer and a police academy graduate
  • He is married since 1974 with adult sons.
  • He is an author and has spoken nationally and      internationally, helping people reach their Personal Summits.


I would highly recommend Gary as an addition to whatever event you are planning. He delivers inspiration and motivation while leaving you with the feeling that you have something tangible to take from his presentation and apply to your life today. His ability to present practical and useful information to his audience, while maintaining a level of entertainment was outstanding. If you’re tired of the same psychobabble that has become so common in today’s keynote speeches, and you’re looking for someone with the real-world experience that has faced adversity and overcome, then you’ll not be disappointed with Gary Barnes. ~Matt Barrett, Executive Director – Small Business Development Center Network

I had the pleasure of sitting in on Gary Barnes’s presentation The Secret to Winning Through Adversity. While working for the national headache foundation, the stories that are most touching are those of people who refuse to lose. I would definitely recommend this presentation.

~ Aukosa Stokes, National Headache Foundation – Manager of Donor Relations and Public Policy

To book Gary, please contact Denver Speakers Bureau at (303) 478-6652

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