Galen Emanuele

Galen Emanuele

Keynotes & Workshops- Infused with Humor & Positivity

Galen has been performing and teaching all levels of performance improv for over 10 years, including touring and performing with improv legend Ryan Stiles (Whose Line is it Anyway?) many times. Galen is also an expert at understanding people, with over 16 years experience in sales and marketing. He works with teams and organizations, inspiring a powerful shift in how people interact and communicate in business based on applying the improv concept of ‘Yes, And.’

Galen provides captivating keynotes and team workshops that fully engage participants with interactive, thought-provoking exercises and activities. Attendees gain powerful skills to sharply improve communication, interpersonal skills, and establish a cohesive, exceptional workplace culture. Galen delivers his unique, compelling content in a dynamic, entertaining way that gets participants gut-laughing while enjoying this impactful, memorable experience.

The vehicle: Galen’s intense passion for both improv and business excellence.
The engine: His insatiable thirst to inspire, motivate, and bring out people’s absolute best.
The cargo: The mind-blowing insights and skills that improv offers to the corporate world.
The destination: Engaging people and companies to enhance communication, build strong teams, increase employee engagement, positively embrace and navigate change, and benefit from a collaborative, positive workplace culture.

“Galen kicked off our Annual Bank Management Retreat with our entire team of officers. The change in how our people interacted with one another after working with Galen was unbelievable. Our whole team was leaning in, saying yes, being positive, collaborative, and fully engaged while tackling a number of important strategic initiatives. The success of our management retreat was increased tenfold because of Galen’s work, and our managers absolutely loved it! Thanks a million for your help, and the effect you’ve had on our team.”

Drew Wilkens – Executive Vice President, Bank of the Pacific

“Galen’s session with my extended leadership team was both fun and impactful. His core message of harnessing the principles of improv to enable a stronger, higher-performing team was very well received. He delivers the content in a way that is interactive, uplifting, and exudes positive energy. The leaders on my team enjoyed the experience so much, I subsequently brought Galen in again to allow my entire organization to share in Galen’s insights and energy.”

Eileen Johnston – CFO Worldwide Services, Microsoft

When he’s not speaking or coaching teams, Galen expels his energy by performing improv, playing music and sports, and he runs a non-profit organization called ‘Pass The Hat’ that he founded. Galen lost his brother in a car accident when he was 18 years old and created Pass The Hat to provide financial relief to local families that are victims of similar tragic events.

Galen travels from Bellingham, Washington. His fees range depending on venue and requirements.

For more information about his availability, please contact or (303) 478-6652

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