Rick Meyers

F.W. Rick Meyers

Imagine Aliveness! 

No More Business as Usual.

“How did he know that was exactly what I needed?”

“Imagine how this could enhance our performance.”

“He didn’t just talk about Aliveness, he took me there!”

Imagine waking up every morning with an appreciation for the many opportunities you’ll create for yourself and others. Imagine the new possibilities that will be presented to you because of your aliveness. Imagine an enlivening awareness that will gracefully see you through any obstacle!

Rick understands the difficulties we all experience daily because he’s lived them and mentored others through them. He knows the pressures of personal, family, and work life and how important it is to know and accept who you really are. Through his practical and visionary lens he will help you experience the Aliveness that can positively reframe your life and create lasting enthusiasm and prosperity.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Collaborative Leadership (Personal and Professional),
  • Learning and UnLearning
  • Mental-Emotional-Physical & Spiritual Intelligence
  • The Four Pillars of Prosperity
  • The ABC’s of Change,
  • Awareness and Creativity

Take Aways:

  • Enhanced aliveness, new perspectives, and lasting behavioral changes.
  • Ability to reframe fixed ideas, grow beyond them, and adopt a growth mindset.
  • A renewed sense of purpose to create greater abundance for yourself and others.
  • An overall sense of well-being and a commitment to “I/we Can” with the willingness to engage.

Rick is President and CEO of Oikos Associates, a Coaching and Consulting firm that Inspires Leaders and Enlightens Lives. He’s also the award winning author of Mystic Travelers: Awakening – A novel of Awareness and Self-discovery.

That was a great deal of fun. We are typically an introverted bunch of people, but you actually got everyone on their feet holding hands, stating “We are Thanksgiving”! What a hoot!  And a great reminder. –Gloria, CFO/Director of HR/Controller, Colorado Rural Electric Association

To book Rick, enthusiastically contact Denver Speakers Bureau

at (303) 478 – 6652 or karen@old.denverspeakersbureau.com  

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