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Eric Kaufmann

Eric Kaufmann guides leaders to make better decisions and achieve better results. A native of Israel, he lived and worked in South Africa, before gaining two decades of experience in sales, management and leadership at Lanier/3M and Corning Clinical Laboratories. In 1999, he launched an executive development consultancy which has served Sony, T-Mobile, Genentech, Alcon Labs, Teradata and many senior managers of Fortune 1,000 companies.

Kaufmann’s published book, “Leadership as a Hero’s Journey,” explores the four traits shared by successful, passionate and creative business leaders. The book describes how they navigate through uncertainty and anxiety in order to improve the lives and livelihoods of those around them.

Along with his real-world business experience, Kaufmann brings a range of other skills and perspectives to his keynote speaking and management consulting. He is a licensed clinical hypnotherapist and a certified master scuba diving instructor. He is an adjunct professor teaching leadership at San Diego State University and Cal State San Marcos, and is a speaker with Vistage International. Kaufmann is a lifelong practitioner of Zen meditation who once spent a year in silent meditation, living in a cabin he built himself in a remote area of New Mexico.

Kaufmann’s presentations blend a 30,000-foot view with practical tools and psychological insights that create immediate and lasting change. He demystifies the leadership mindset and actions that empower companies and executives to achieve their desired results.

Most speakers aim for applause. Eric aims for getting results. He’s provocative, engaging, and always equipping leaders with better wisdom that yields better decisions and drives better results.

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