Duncan MacPherson

Duncan MacPherson

Duncan is the CEO of Pareto Systems, an industry leading business development firm dedicated to the elite professionals and companies within the knowledge-for-profit sector. Duncan and his team of consultants work with professionals in a wide range of fields including Financial Services, Insurance, Accounting, Legal, Mortgage, and Consulting to create predictable, sustainable, and duplicable businesses. Pareto Systems is well known for its approach which is based on best practices and for its focus on implementation.

As a speaker in high-demand, Duncan travels extensively throughout North America and around the world, conveying dynamic and fact-rich presentations that have made him a popular spokesperson for the knowledge–for-profit industry.

Duncan is also an industry author and has written the best-selling book: Breakthrough Business Development, Take Your Business to THE NEXT LEVEL, and is in the process of another book. Achieving a business breakthrough is done by design, not by luck or chance. Duncan offers a clear plan to take your business to the next level.

Beyond the office, Duncan loves spending time with his wife and two sons. They enjoy the four seasons playground they call home in beautiful Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. He enjoys staying active with recreational activities such as golf, tennis, and skiing.


Breakthrough Business Development
Take Your Business to the Next Level

If you aspire to a predictable business without any plateaus while restoring liberation and order to your personal life, Duncan MacPherson has created an actionable process that you can translate into measurable results. This time-test approach has been deployed by thousands of knowledge-for-profit professionals to reduce friction and improve sustainable productivity.

–        Competitor-Proof Existing Client Relationships

–        Convert Occasional Customers into Fully Empowering Clients

–        Create a Referable Client Experience

Cracking the Code
The Art of Articulating Your Value

To unlock your full potential when it comes to consistent client acquisition and sustainable client retention, you need to dial-in a combination of proven strategies that elevate you from the competitors. Duncan MacPherson has developed and refined a process that ensures that you can stand-out from the pack and attract great clients rather than having to chase them.

–        Develop a Value-Proposition that Differentiates You

–        Deploy Stewardship Over Salesmanship for Improved Persuasive Impact

–        Ensure Clients Focus on What You’re Worth Rather that What You Cost


“Duncan has a uniquely engaging and memorable style that captivates…” – Chief Marketing Officer, 1st Global

“I have had two events at which Duncan spoke… both of these meetings were very well attended and the feedback from Advisors was amazing!” – VP, First Trust Advisors

To inquire about Duncan’s availability for your next conference or event,

please contact karen@old.denverspeakersbureau.com or (303) 478-6652.

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