Rick and Dick "Team Hoyt"

Rick and Dick “Team Hoyt”

“Yes You Can” and Disability Awareness

Father and son team Dick and Rick Hoyt have won hearts around the world with their Can Do attitude.

Dick has been doing the speaking engagements alone, as it is getting more difficult for Rick to travel.  But the presentations are still very motivational and inspirational, and you get to see Rick and learn his story through the PowerPoint and videos that Dick uses.  You actually feel Rick’s presence on the stage – as his smile lights up the screen.

The one hour motivational speech has an inspirational message of “Yes You Can” – which is the motto of Team Hoyt. It also promotes teamwork and a “Can Do” attitude, and touches upon disability awareness.

Dick’s son, Rick was born in 1962 as a spastic quadriplegic with cerebral palsy and as a non-speaking person; but despite these disabilities, Rick’s mind and spirit have always been strong.  His family supported his quest for independence and inclusion in community, sports, education and the workplace, culminating with his graduation from Boston University. Through his presentation, Dick shares his lifelong commitment to changing attitudes and educating others on the world of disabilities. He and his family have seen an impact from their efforts in the area of public attitude toward people with disabilities.

Dick and Rick are very active in their local area of Hartford, Connecticut, speaking at schools and to non profit groups. They are also very involved with our local Easter Seals organization and do several walks each year with them, and attend their fundraising dinners and events.  They also are very involved in our local YMCA programs and fundraising events, as well as two agencies in our area that work with  individuals with disabilities.  When Dick is asked to travel to speak, right now it is the same rate as the corporate events, because of the travel involved and the limited time he has available for events.

Small groups may want to look for corporate sponsorship to help fund their event. Whenever Dick goes to speak to groups that are doing fundraising, they are able to raise a lot more money than anticipated for their event. Because they publicize that Dick will be there speaking and they draw a huge crowd.  Some groups have also sold tickets at the door to help defray the cost of the presentation.

Please note that the Team Hoyt presentation may NOT be filmed or copied in any way- however, picture taking before, during and after the presentation is permitted.

“It was not until your presentation that I fully understood what your life’s mission has called you to do.  Remarkable would be a mild statement for what you have done by example with your son.  What those efforts have meant on behalf of the disabled can only be measured by the achievements of world leaders.” Vincent J. Marturano, ACSW, President/CEO, Old Colony YMCA

“The wave of emotion that overcame me (during your speech) was due to the bond that you two clearly have together that drives you both to accomplish feats most would say are impossible.   I am one of the many people who has had his or her life changed for the better due to hearing your story.”  Holy Cross College Football Player

“I cannot imagine an audience that would not be inspired by Dick Hoyt.  Athletes, moms, dads, special needs’ individuals—there is a powerful message for all.   Not once did we hear intimidating, self-serving, boastful comments from Dick.  His entire persona is one of humility; living a life of doing all within his power for his son.”  Kay Mathews, M. S, CCC-SLP, Executive Director/Speech Pathologist, Regional Rehabilitation Center, Tupelo, MS

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