Diane Lopes

Diane Lopes


Diane started her career selling life insurance with TSD Financial Services out of    Framingham, MA. With TSD, Diane traveled the country for several years to help    nurses with their insurance needs, resulting in a unique opportunity to experience     people and places across the US.

Desiring to finish her degree, Diane moved back to Los Angeles and earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in English at UCLA. Upon completion, she moved to San Francisco and started working with Southern Pacific Telecommunications, which moved her to Denver (SP Telecom later became Qwest Communications then Century Link). She spent the next five years in sales with Mile High Office Supply and then transitioned into several years of real estate investing, including buying, selling and rehabbing. After discovering a heavy need for credit repair and debt elimination, Diane established her own company, Cash Flow Objectives, LLC.

While networking, Diane connected with Mountain Financial and designed a new way to enhance her practice areas. Currently, her role is two-fold: she helps new and existing clients eliminate debt, then teaches them how to create wealth. She is also affiliated with Kingdom Advisors and Financially Fit Females. Diane has been married to her husband, John, for 16 years and enjoys Bible study, reading, cycling, windsurfing, scuba diving, body surfing and most anything involving a beach.

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