Retired State Trooper, Law Enforcement Stress Training, Workplace Conflict Training, Keynote Speaker

Debbie Guttierez

Debbie is the Founder and President of The Investigation of Self LLC. She is a retired State Trooper, Licensed Practical Nurse, writer, speaker and certified law enforcement coach.

She specializes in law enforcement stress training, workplace conflict training, keynote speaking, coaching services and training on the importance of a plant base diet to rid the body of stress related illnesses such as depression, hypertension and obesity.

She states the mind and body are systems of which need to function together as one cohesive unite in order for life to be experienced without or with less stress.

Her articles have been published in Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standard Board Executive Institute and Law Enforcement Today. She is the author of the free eBook Workplace Conflict 101- 7 strategic steps to reduce the stress.

In April 2000, she was recognized by the State Of Connecticut General Assembly official citation in recognition of becoming Connecticut’s first Latin Female State Trooper. In Nov 2006 she received Outstanding Service Award by Governor Judi Rell and April 2006 received a medal for life saving award by the Connecticut State Police.

Debbie travels from Connecticut. Her rate is $2,500-5,000

For more information on Debbie’s availability,

please contact or (303) 478-6652

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