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David Strauss

David Strauss

David was hit on the head by a falling rock while hiking in the desert, and almost lost his life. Recovering from this experience brought David in alignment with his true sense of purpose: To touch the heart and mind of every person he meets, and to be a source of transformation, inspiration and empowerment for others.

David is also a health and fitness enthusiast, an outdoor adventure athlete, a world traveler, charitable fund-raising athlete, and a community service volunteer. He brings a large tool chest of experience to the stage.

7 Reasons Why You Will Want To Book David Strauss                          

  1. David considers meeting planners to be part of his audience and wants them to love him as much as he wants his audience to love him.
  2. On the likeability index, David breaks the scale and sets a new standard.
  3. David understands how valuable it is to be flexible and accommodating with meeting planners and his audience.
  4. David lights up the stage with his high-spirited, enthusiastic and youthful energy.
  5. All of his keynotes, workshops and breakaways are based on real-life experiences.
  6. David loves to interact with the audience, and views himself as a participant as much as a presenter.
  7. There’s nothing more potent than the transformational power of a person’s story. David knows how to help a person find the positive meaning in any life event, and how to empower that event.



A keynote that addresses personal transformation through David’s experience of having been hit on the head by a falling rock. Everyone has their own “rock experience” in life. David draws simple and powerful analogies between his “rock” experience and how everyone has their own “rock” experience to learn and grow from.

David shares key lessons which any person or business can use to implement change and accountability.

  • Total Self-Responsibility
  • Focus equals reality
  • The power of questions
  • The impact of Gratitude


A powerful keynote that takes you through the moment the rock impacted David’s head and his challenging self-rescue that followed, to his recovery and life-transformation.

There are many parallels between how David had to perform his own self-rescue in the desert, and the steps we must take to make changes.

David shares the seven stages of transformation that he went through, and how you can apply these to your own life or your business.

  1. Self- Assessment. Know where you are, and where you want to go.
  2. Identify your resources.
  3. Make a decision and take your first steps.
  4. Move forward with courage and determination.
  5. Work through mental and emotional blocks and entanglements.
  6. Focus on your outcome, regardless of apparent obstacles.
  7. Celebrate your success in advance as if already there.

ACONCAGUA | Small Steps = Big Victories

As a benefit for cancer research, David and his climbing team reached the 23,000 foot summit of Aconcagua, Argentina – the tallest peak in the western and southern hemispheres.

A keynote which addresses planning, teamwork, overcoming obstacles, and the importance of small steps towards a big victory.

  • The importance of planning: Hiking 26 miles to prepare for a 9,000 ascent to the 23,000 foot summit
  • The power of teamwork: How a mountain expedition demonstrates the effectiveness of working as a team.
  • Building upon small successes: Each step a victory – celebrate each step.
  • Strong teamwork overcomes limitations: Working through the obstacles of limiting thoughts, fears and beliefs.
  • What keeps the team together? Lessons from base camp and the traverse to the summit.
  • Summit – Reflections of a triumph


A playful keynote which brings to light the importance of the quality of the people we allow into our life.

We think of our neighborhood as the place we live physically. But there is another neighborhood which is largely unrecognized and unseen. It is the neighborhood of our thoughts, beliefs and emotions — the neighborhood of our heart and mind.

  • Our life experience is a reflection of who we allow or disallow into our neighborhood.
  • If you were to look at your heart and mind, your overall life, as a neighborhood, is it a happy and loving neighborhood, or sad and depressed?
  • Who lives in your heart-mind neighborhood — the people that show up in your thoughts each day?
  • Who are the people that have the most influence on your thoughts and feelings? Are these people in your life right now, or are they echoes from voices in your past? Were they invited or are they squatting?
  • If you understood that you could choose who lived in your neighborhood, who would you invite in, and who would you ask to leave?

To learn more about David Strauss,

please contact karen@old.denverspeakersbureau.com or (303) 478-6652

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