Darin RayBusiness/Life Architect, Change Agent

Subject matter expert: Turning what is, into what could be.

Darin has been speaking in private forums nearly all of his life and has long served as a counselor and advisor to friends, colleagues, employers and clients.  Professionally he worked nearly twenty-five years as a residential architect, specializing in custom home remodeling, and as a computer systems administrator.  Accordingly, he has long employed his highly developed intuition for seeing potential, clearly expressing the possibilities; developing and executing plans to fulfillment of his clients’ dreams..

As the American dream shifted, Darin broadened his field of expertise beyond building homes to building lives and the businesses that provide for them.  Areas of expertise include:

  • Resurrecting Your Dream, Setting a New Course
  • The Right Way to Manage Your Time, Money and Energy
  • Essential Team Building
  • Effective Communication: How to Listen Beyond the Words
  • How the Truth Shall Make You Free: The Lies We Bought Into (and Didn’t Know It)
  • Financial Freedom: What the IRS, Wall Street, and the Banks Don’t Want You to Know
  • Personal Freedom:  How to Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy
  • Spiritual Freedom: It’s not Just About the Next Life
  • Political Freedom: What Ever Happened to Learning History in School?

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To ask about Darin’s availability please contact Denver Speakers Bureau at 303-478-6652

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