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  1. Diana Hall says:


    Way past time for me to reach out to you!

    Working with Tim Gard and Ruby Newell-Legner during the day, is there and evening or weekend time we can talk?

    You can reach me at 303-596-4825


    • DenverSpeakers says:

      Was great seeing you at NSA last Saturday. Was concerned that wasn’t in attendance. Hopefully he just had a conflict with events.
      Will give you a call tomorrow to catch up. Cheers!

  2. Hi Karen, Amy Nichols recommended you.
    I deliver a various messages regarding, “The Art and Science of Self Renewal” and Cultures. Cultures of Innovation, Cultures of Collaboration and Performance Cultures. All of which have a self renewal/fully actualized human component.

    If you have interest, you can check my LinkedIn profile for another level of detail.

    Or, I’m available to discuss live, ping me on email and we’ll establish a suitable time.

    All the best.

  3. Just and FYI – I do not see the location for the Attitude of Gratitude event this Saturday, Nov 16. I confirmed that is it to be at the Parker Library, but could not get that information at either your website or that of Douglas County Library. Thanks for bringing this great event to Douglas County!

    • DenverSpeakers says:

      Thanks for helping point out that the Parker Library needs to be more prominent in the posting. Hope to see you tomorrow! I sure enjoy events at The Wildlife Experience!

  4. Mary Gaylord says:

    Karen – a million thanks for taking the time to talk to me this morning and tell me about Denver Speakers Bureau. You are a wealth of information and I appreciate your generosity immensely. Thanks again!
    Mary Gaylord

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