Cliff MeidlTwo-Time Olympian & 

Safety Spokesperson 

After a construction accident that caused him to suffer severe electrical burns and the near loss of his legs at age 20, Cliff battled against all odds to recover. He then rose to become a two-time Olympian in the sport of kayaking. His fellow athletes elected him to receive the ultimate honor: bearing the flag and leading Team USA into the Olympic Stadium during the Opening Ceremonies of Sydney 2000.

But that’s not the end of the story—or Cliff’s journey. In an ongoing quest for personal development, Cliff (who prior to his accident never dreamed he could accomplish what he has) went on to earn an MBA degree from USC, and build a successful career in Asset Management.

Yet Cliff’s true passion is to serve, inspire, and help others, especially individuals, companies, and organizations who, like himself in the past and to this day, suffer hardship, despair, and overburdening challenges. Besides his active role as Motivational Speaker, Cliff advocates educational awareness, promotes the sport of Flatwater Kayaking, and works in partnership with community foundations and organizations to assist individuals in overcoming adversity.

For inquiries about Cliff, please contact or 303-478-6652

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