Christine Van Loo

Christine Van Loo

Aerialist, Acrobatic Gymnast, Keynote Speaker & Retreats

Christine Van Loo is a Female Olympic Athlete of the Year, Athlete of the Decade, inducted into the Hall of Fame and remains the only 7-time consecutive National Champion in acrobatic gymnastics.

Now, as one of the most sought after aerialists in the world, Christine has traveled to over 70 countries performing everywhere from the Sydney Opera House to Madison Square Garden to the Kennedy Center. She opened for Paul McCartney before 100,000 people, performed at the AMAs with Aerosmith, at the Grammy’s with No Doubt and currently exhibits her aerial acts with live symphony orchestras.

Armed with the same enthusiasm and dedication that she puts into her athletic and performing career, she shares the unique and engaging personal story of how she overcame obstacles, challenges and doubt and transformed herself from an inept athlete to a legend in her sport. Christine’s story entertains while empowering others, imparting the vital and motivational traits she believes are required for great success in any area.

Speaking messages from Five Leotards Five Lessons include:

  • Trade an ordinary life for an extraordinary one
  • Build a stairway to your dreams
  • Place fear within your comfort zone
  • Create your own victory
  • Pretend your way to success

Christine true passion is to inspire others. She leaves a lasting impression by giving people tools to rewrite their life scripts and fulfill their greater purpose.

Note: If the venue has the right rigging conditions Christine is also available to perform her aerial act in addition to speaking.

For information about Christine’s availability, please contact or (303) 478-6652


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