downloadPhilanthropist and Professional Speaker on Vision, Art of Possibility, & Noble Living 

Buna Dahal, founder of DynamicBuna is a dynamic leadership speaker who uses her stories to illustrate and motivate people to make dynamic and noble changes in their life and their work. Whether she is working with leaders, front-line employees, or community leaders, Buna helps others break through limiting beliefs and see their potential to live noble lives. To spend one’s whole life as a follower is a luxury that none can afford. Likewise, employment is a skill that we all need to develop, whether we sign paychecks or cash them.

Buna is dedicated to teaching people how to reach beyond the ordinary. She inspires her audiences to move outside of their comfort zones for the benefit of others. Her rare talent is impassioning both leaders and staff in defining their goals, embracing processes, and mapping tasks needed for long-term success. Her passion is only matched with her skills in needs analysis and customization. Her clients love and respect her as a transforming catalyst.

Buna’s warm, practical, and inspirational methods provide executives a unique product that is compact with value-added experience and knowledge. She is a beacon of inspiration for her clients from the United Nations to the corporate world to community businesses. Her collaborative initiatives through dynamic speaking, strategic training, and professional development ignite executives to take ownership of their careers and create ah-ha! moments.

Buna Dahal’s journey: Buna Dahal was a child born blind in Nepal and soon encountered the boundaries of low expectations. A precocious child, Buna at age five, pushed against those boundaries and led her own parents to the doorstep of the Provincial School for the Blind in Dharan. This initiated a personal trajectory that found her in the United States as a scholarship student at the Overbrook School for the Blind International Program at age 18. Buna completed her undergraduate at Columbia College in Chicago and her Masters at the Regis University School of Professional Studies. Along her quest for education, she was invited to deliver a speech at the United Nations in March 2007. DynamicBuna’s impressive personal and professional journey has attracted the national and international media to her courtyard. Buna was the recipient of the 2010 David M. Clarke, S.J. Innovative leadership Award from Regis University. At an early age Buna realized that she had a dream… not just to survive but to live. She had a desire to spread her wings because she knew there is much more in life than just existing.

Buna Dahal has been transforming lives for 25 years. Successful executives have applied her strategies toward personal and professional growth. Fortune 50 mindsets come from discipline, drive, and detachment. Applying self with an open hand and a quiet heart is true leadership. Realize your aspirations today.

DynamicBuna leadership highlights
  • Executed million dollar international projects
  • Achieved 100% success with fundraisers
  • Perfect in relationship building, forming alliances, cultivating and nurturing community partnerships
  • Expert in collaborating, advising, and implementing competitive-placement strategies across cultures
  • Deep experience in professional whole person development
  • Modeled and delivered multiple train-the-trainer programs for leadership and employment
  • Created and sustained upward mobility for myself and 95% of my clients for 15 years
  • Honed skills in meeting facilitation
  • Proven ability to determine audience needs and deliver customized training
  • 15 year track record of effective negotiation, including conflict resolution
  • Provided insight and coaching on self-leadership techniques at Federal Agencies
  • Assisted various State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies in producing measurable improvements in their placement rates with the Blind and Visually Impaired
  • Innovative in grooming young leadership
  • Facilitated senior leadership in devising their own solutions for issues of accessibility and inclusion
  • Thrived on developing corporate executives into noble leaders through transformative coaching


  • Mobileyez International Foundation     Founder / Chief Executive Officer, 2014 – Present
  • DynamicBuna, Inc.     President / Leadership Strategist, 2007 – Present
  • Blind Corps     International Programs Coordination and Logistics, 2007 – Present
  • Colorado Center for the Blind Employment Specialist, 2000 – 2007


  • State of Colorado Independent Living Council (SILC), Governor Appointee and Chairperson, 2014 – 2015
  • America Nepal Medical Foundation, Board of Directors, 2014 – Present
  • Rocky Mountain Friends of Nepal, Board of Directors, 2014 – Present
  • National Speakers Association, Professional Speaker, 2013 – Present
  • State of Colorado Rehabilitation Council (SRC), Governor Appointee, 2012 – Present
  • VSA Colorado / Access Gallery, Board of Directors, 2011 – Present
  • Meeting The Challenge, Inc. Rocky Mountain ADA Center, Leadership Network, 2009 – Present
  • National Federation of the Blind of Colorado, Secretary, 2009 – Present
  • Colorado Center for the Blind, Board of Directors, 2008 – Present


  • Published author in the field of leadership
  • Nepalese Association in Southeast America, Social Leader, 2013
  • Association of Nepalis in the Americas, ANA Hero, 2013
  • David M. Clarke, S.J., Innovative Leadership Award, Regis University School of Professional Studies, 2010

To inquire about Buna’s availability and fees for your next event, please contact karen@dsbeventsandtalent.com or call (303) 478-6652