BrunoThe Drill Sargeant of Life


  • Attitude
  • Christian
  • Leadership
  • Empowerment
  • Humor
  • Inspiration/Motivation


  • F.O.C.U.S. – Fixed On Christ/Calling/Career; Unusual Success
  • A.P.P.L.E. – Always Provide People a Little Extra
  • V.A.L.U.E. – Valuable, Authentic, Loyalty, Understand/Understood, Excellence

Five Reasons to Hire Beatrice

  • Authenticity – Beatrice is an Army Veteran as well as a former (but always and forever) Basic Training Drill Sergeant.
  • Integrity – Beatrice walks the walks as well as talks the talk. She is the same off stage as on.
  • Originality – Beatrice uses personal, real life stories that no one else owns.
  • ROI – Beatrice provides a lasting impact long after she leaves the stage.
  • Thought-provoking – Beatrice’s lectures, workshops, and BootCamps are designed to make the participant think and consider their life long after the event.


  • How to Get Over Yourself, Get Out of Your Own Way, and Get What YOU Want Out of Life!
  • How To Get Over Yourself and Let Go of the P.A.S.T.

To book Beatrice, please contact Denver Speakers Bureau at (303) 478-6652

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  1. Virginia Baus says:

    Looking forward to reading your books.

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