Award Winning Motivator Amanda Gore

Award Winning Motivator Amanda Gore

Wake Up to What Really Matters!

Areas of Expertise: Leadership (Self & Professional), Emotional Intelligence, Connection, Stress, Balance, Change, Relationships (Sales & Customer Service) Engagement

A communications and performance expert, Australian Amanda Gore uses latest research in neuroscience, positive psychology, epigenetics, and emotional intelligence, to help business leaders achieve the results they need by getting people engaged in, enthusiastic about and aligned with corporate goals and vision. And by creating joyful workplaces that lead to better performance.

We have all seen speakers who can fire up a crowd, or get people laughing, but come Monday morning the laughter and energy are forgotten and it’s back to business as usual. Amanda is different. She changes people’s behaviors.

What Your Audience Will Walk Away With:

• people take on a new perspective and make lasting behavioral changes

• they remember what they learned for years – a man stood up at the conclusion of a recent  session Amanda presented and repeated 3 things he had remembered from a session SEVENTEEN years ago! Two girls said their Mother’s had told them about what she taught 10 years before!

• feelings determine if we buy, cooperate, learn, engage, connect, communicate and everything else! People walk away from Amanda’s session feeling different, with new skills and techniques – so they behave and think differently.

• the whole conference is up beat, people are energized, engaged, enthusiastic, laughing and the messages are incorporated throughout all the sessions.

“I’m just sorry I waited so long to book you for a meeting. Only once in a rare while does a speaker come along who actually affects real change from their 90 minutes on stage. You breathe that rarified air!!”McDonalds

To book Amanda, please contact Denver Speakers Bureau at (303) 478-6652

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