• Finding a Speaker Who Facilitates Change in an Organization

    download (1)Every meeting planner or leader is looking for a speaker who can actually facilitate changes within their organization or team. 

    Whether it’s – 

    • to make this years event the ‘best ever’ 

    • to change the culture of the organization

    • to help ‘change fatigued’ staff renew their energy, enthusiasm and vitality

    • to change how people think

    • to address sensitive issues and create perspective

    • to connect total strangers or reconnect team members

    • to kick start or close your event on a ‘high’

    You want to find a speaker who is trained in group dynamics. 

    This basically means they have studied the non verbal aspects of presenting and crowd dynamics. The content always has to be relevant and state of the art – that is a given. But the process by which that content is delivered is what separates the speaker who is an expert on group dynamics. They are constantly conscious of what members in the group are doing or reacting; they adapt and adjust what they are saying and how they are saying it depending on what is needed to pull the group together and deliver the message you want embedded.

    They pull from thousands of ‘chunks’ of information to present something that will resonate with what they read in the room. They are flexible and adaptable – and have a lot of fun with your people!

    AmandaAt the end of the presentation, people have learned a lot, are positive, connected, touched, laughing, energized and have had a great experience that they talk about for the rest of the event or for months after. The messages are memorable and people often quote ideas or stories verbatim many months or years after they heard them. 

    If you want to deliver powerful, memorable messages in line with your strategy, or to address politics and merges or issues at work, or just to change the whole nature or your event or workplace then find a speaker who understands group dynamics!

    Amanda Gore is a Group Dynamics Dynamo! She is a popular choice for Fortune 500, MLM Conferences and Association national conventions. If you are fortunate enough to be having an event in the U.S. or Canada mid September through mid October, you may be able to have Australian Amanda wow your crowds as she will be in North America at that time. Contact DSB today to find her availability. (303) 478-6652 or karen@dsbeventsandtalent.com 

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