• Evolution or Resolution, Your Choice!

    new year's resolutions

    Resolutions or Evolutions?

    Many folks make New Year’s Resolutions. They resolve to lose weight, eat more healthily, exercise, stop smoking, change a habit, to “fix” something about themselves they don’t particularly like. Then, about now, two months into the New Year, they tell themselves it’s too hard, it’s okay to eat that piece of chocolate, it won’t matter, it takes too much time to exercise, I’m addicted, I can’t stop smoking, I’ve been this way all my life and I can’t change now.

    Then what generally comes next is that they feel guilty, beat themselves up, stop trying, and they fall back into the same old habits of years gone by, only to repeat the cycle next year and the next. … Eventually, they decide that resolutions don’t work and don’t even attempt to make a new one!

    In many ways they are right. Resolutions don’t work, and the reason is because the word resolution sounds like a negative, a should, something we have to do, or else! None of us like to be told what to do, and therefore, we won’t do whatever IT is, because we don’t want to be bossed around, even if it is our own internal parent.

    images (3)The word evolve sounds much more positive. If we evolve, we want to lose weight, we want to change into someone better, we want to aspire to Be the Best we can Be! Because we want to instead of have to, we will do whatever IT is. We will make the time, we will enjoy changing our old patterns, we will enjoy living the life we aspire to. We then would slowly day by day evolve into the slimmer, healthier, more positive, exciting, amazing you. We are kind to this person, we give her patience, love, forgiveness; we encourage and empower her to keep going, no matter what.

    And, by the time the next year rolls around, we can, with love and with joy, keep evolving into the miraculous, perfect, imaginative, creative, joyful person we are born to Be. So, for the rest of this year, how about choosing Evolution and let go of the old fashion resolutions!

    Gail Hamilton is an inspirational and entertaining speaker, author, performer, facilitator and teacher. In 2013, Gail was honored as the first blind woman to win the Ms Colorado Senior America queen and won Fourth Runner Up in the National Ms. Senior America pageant held in Atlantic City, New Jersey. She is a member of Denver Speakers Bureau. To learn more about her, please visit Gail’s Profile or contact karen@old.denverspeakersbureau.com or (303) 478-6652 for Gail’s availability for an upcoming event. 

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