• The Three Simplest Steps to Living The Bucket List Life


    Life is about not what you do, but who you do it with. The Bucket List Life believes that a life well lived is when we create more experiences, share those experiences with others and the ultimate payoff is when we help others without the expectation of return. The concepts, steps and themes are simple which is why they are so often overlooked. The Bucket List Life in it’s simplicity brings this to the forefront of people’s minds and helps them start to feel alive, perform better in the workplace and share their most special moments, that are remembered for a lifetime, with their close friends and family.

    Create More

    Through the creation of more life experiences each person starts to feel wake up from their self induced mental coma. They remember what it’s like to learn something new, challenge themselves to grow and ultimately have that ‘first timer’ feeling again. These experiences are the base foundation of everything we desire in life so that we ‘feel alive’!

    Share More

    Once an experience has been completed it’s deep in our natural essence to share it with others. We do that through social media, conversations at the office and story telling around the proverbial campfire. It’s these very stories that make what we do and have done…’real’. Sharing stories dates back to days of the cavemen with drawings on the wall. As humans we tell stories and we share these very experiences with others through the recreation of the original experience. Without sharing experiences there would be no evolution of our society.Jump

    Live More

    The next step in having a well fulfilled life is helping another human being. That very process of reaching down and lifting another person up through helping, without the expectation of return. This very basic act of human kindness ripples exponentially through the other person, anyone who witnesses this act and lastly in return fulfills the giver. To live more we simply share our passions, expertise and skill sets with those that need it most.

    Continuum Effect

    The Bucket List Life and it’s members teach, share and live these foundational beliefs. Anyone can join in on any level.  There is no starting and end point because it’s merely a continuum process to living life as it was meant to be.

    Kenyon Salo’s high energy presentations wow not by what he can do but by what he can inspire audiences to accomplish. 

    Watch Kenyon in action here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOgemTZZiQw 

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