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    Why is Non-Verbal Communication Important?

    Why is Non-Verbal Communication Important?

    Announcing the second offering of Michael Grinder’s new class “See Me” – Profiling an Individual. Many have witnessed Michael profiling an individual’s values & beliefs. In this concentrated weekend program he will share how his mind perceives…so you can learn and apply these skills to be proactive in your interactions. 

    Make your reservation today for the  October 10-11, 2015 for “See Me” to be held in Portland, Oregon at the Comfort Inn Suites, Portland, Oregon, 12010 NE Airport Way, phone (503) 261-9000. Class times are 9-5 daily. Registration fee is $250.00 if paid in full by 9/1/2015, $300 after this date. The class in May sold out within 25 days from its announcement so Click Here to register now.


    “If you can see half of what you look at – You are good.

    If you know which half – You are a genius.” 

    ~ Michael Grinder


    The core need of humans is to be SEEN by others. With the ability to truly see others you automatically have cooperation and collaboration. You don’t have to create motivation in others – you entice their own motivation.

    The skills you operate on at a high level are your perception. These skills enable you to recognize behaviors and beliefs which impact the quality of human interactions.

    • Michael outlines the 12 moments when a person’s behaviors reveal their values and motivations.
    • You will get to practice how to offer feedback and suggestions to people within their perceptual filters.
    • You will receive a formula for sorting out hallucinations and arrive at accurate interpretations.
    • You will leave with an ethical framework of know when to use profiling and when it is inappropriate to do so. 
    • You will receive handouts to continue your learning.
    • Michael will do a demonstration of the ultimate in executive coaching.
    • You will have an overview of Profiling as the artistic level of your professional development.

    How the class works: Bring 2-3 minutes of footage of an individual you want to study (this can be from You Tube, movie, your private/professional world). The footage can have more than one person in the clip – and you select the person you want to concentrate on. Study and bring previous materials from Michael’s programs. Make sure you are familiar with most of the patterns from The Elusive Obvious – The Science of Non-verbal Communication. If possible, bring an i-pad (or any device with video-taking capacity).

    To register for the “See Me” Conference

    or to request more info about Michael for your next event,

    please call (303) 478-6652 or email karen@old.denverspeakersbureau.com. 

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