• Real Women Conference

    What if…images (3)

    You could wake up tomorrow morning and leave your PAST behind?

    What if…

    Instead of feeling guilty, you felt hope, renewal, a sense of purpose?

    What if…

    In the course of 6 hours, you could get a boost in your spiritual life that you haven’t felt in a very long time?

    What if…

    You attend Real Women! Real Issues! Real Solutions! A Christian Women’s Conference sponsored by The Denver Speakers Bureau and you could accomplish all these things and more for your life?

    Well, it can! And it will!

    On  Saturday, September 27, 2014, in Littleton, CO at Jubilee Christian Church, you will be able to experience all this and so much more!

    Have you lost all HOPE that things will ever be right again in your life? Come and See! See what the Lord has in store for you to rebuild your HOPE and give you a reason to move forward as never before.

    Are you experiencing trials and tribulations in the area of sex and sexuality? Can’t quite hear from the Lord on this area of your life? Do you want to understand why you feel the way you feel? Come and see! See what the Lord has to say on these important issues for you.

    Is money more of a trial than a triumph for you?  Come and See! The Lord never meant for you to struggle all the time with money matters. There is triumph! There is a testimony for you in your finances!

    Do you need a healing in your soul? Do you have emotional bruises that woimages (5)n’t seem to heal? Do you suffer from turmoil and can’t find the reason? Come and See! God wants you to be healed and made whole so He can use you to build His Kingdom on the earth!

    Were you ever told you were, “Too ugly!” “Too pretty!” “Too fat!” “Too skinny!” “Too __________” in life? Do you need to hear words of encouragement that will improve and enhance your self-image? Come and See! God thinks more highly of you than you could ever imagine! He sees you as “the cat’s Meow!” “the bee’s knees!” “The Apple of His Eye!” Come and learn to encourage yourself so you won’t listen to those voices anymore!

    Have you committed crimes against yourself? Anything causing you to hold a grudge against yourself? Come and See! Learn to forgive yourself so you can forgive others. God has already forgiven you and He wants you to move forward!

    Each of these topics represents REAL Issues Real Women face every day. And now, there are REAL Solutions!

    There is still time to register! Go here.

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