• Letting Go of the PAST- Release the Pain; Embrace Your Future

    by Beatrice Bruno, The Drill Sergeant of Life

    Beatrice Bruno, The Drill Sargeant

    The Drill Sargeant


    You are a REAL Woman – you keep it real as much as possible in spite of PAST…





    You have REAL Issues that keep you from moving forward into the incredible future God has for you.

    But, there are REAL Solutions for all your life situations and circumstances!

    Letting Go of the PAST is never easy. Sometimes, it takes many years to come up out of the muck and mire of the PAST just so you can get a glimpse of the future awaiting you on the horizon!

    Oftentimes, we, especially women, tend to allow our PAST to influence our future: our decisions, our goals, our mindset, everything. And, it’s not because we want this to occur in our lives: it’s because we listen to the voices of the PAST that say…

                   “It’s always going to be the same! There’s no use trying to change anything!”

                   “Remember, your Mom and all your Aunties faced the same challenges! It overcame them and it will overcome you!”

    Do you constantly hear these or similar voices? Do you obey those voices to your own detriment? Here’s a quick solution so you won’t continue to do so:

    1. You are not your Mom or your Aunties! You are YOU! Their lives are examples for you, not patterns to live your life by! Let their voices GO!

    2. You can overcome PAST disappointments, discouragements, and PAIN! Believe in YOU!

    3. Release people and voices from your PAST so you can move forward!

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    Beatrice Bruno Beatrice Bruno, The Drill Sergeant of Life, aka The Get Over It Gal! is here to help you be the Soldier YOU were created to be! To have this dynamo speak at your next event- please contact Karen@old.denverspeakersbureau.com or call (303) 478-6652

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