• Free 90-minute Introduction to Tapping by Deborah Jane Wells

    Deborah Jane Wells

    Deborah Jane Wells

    Join Deborah Jane Wells this Saturday to learn the process, discuss the science and research behind why it works so well, explore the many potential applications and actually tap on the feelings and situations in your own life that you’d love to release. What’s love got to do with it? Everything!

    At 2pm, February 22nd at the Highlands Ranch Library, Deborah is offering a FREE 90-minute introduction to tapping- the energy psychology-based emotional freedom technique (EFT). Please arrive 15 minutes in advance for good parking, great seat and not to miss any of the presentation.

    Since author/expert Nick Ortner introduced her to tapping in September, she has been talking about this simple effective technique for reducing stress, anxiety and overwhelm in your life by releasing limiting beliefs, emotions and habits. The simplicity and impact of tapping are downright miraculous.

    “Tapping aligns perfectly with my core principles of unconditional love, respect, curiosity, compassion and gratitude fostering lives of generous, effortless, gracious flow filled with faith, hope, prosperity, peace and joy,” explained Deborah. “Tapping is all about choosing your energy and changing your life.”

    It’s a powerful catalyst for letting go of the limits fear has been placing on your life. Given its impressive track record of substantive, sustainable results, tapping provides you even greater potential for shifting your energy more quickly and with greater breadth, depth and staying power.

    Tapping increases your sense of peace, prosperity and joy by restoring physical, mental, emotional and spiritual harmony. It realigns energy by shifting brain chemistry and altering neural pathways to enhance thoughts, emotions, habits and health. The process is simple; the results are profound.

    To learn more about tapping, visit the tapping portal on her website anytime, anywhere https://djwlifecoach.coachesconsole.com/v2/web/tapping-into-freedom.html . The portal includes an overview of the mechanics of tapping and a comprehensive resource page with lots of videos, tutorials, tools and insights from renowned world tapping experts. If you’re intrigued, bookmark the page to return often. I’ll be uploading new content and resources regularly.

    Deborah has been having a ball immersing herself in all aspects of this revolutionary modality—applying it in her own life and helping her clients do so as well. Bottom line? They are experiencing even less stress and even greater joy because they are finding even more freedom to live authentic lives they love. She looks forward to sharing more in the coming weeks and months as she continues to integrate this simple, effective method with my other empowerment tools and techniques. She’ll be offering a variety of in-person and online programs to help you learn how to use tapping to become even better at choosing your energy and changing your life.

    Join Deborah for this life-changing, no-cost event and forward this email invitation to everyone you know who would appreciate reducing the stress in their lives. You’ve got nothing to lose except the limits fear is placing on your life.

    To learn more about Deborah, please visit www.old.denverspeakersbureau.com/deborah-jane-wells , email karen@old.denverspeakersbureau.com or call (303) 478-6652. 

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