• Maximize Your Business Now with Boot Camp Style Training

    If you needed to get in shape quickly and wanted to know how to do it effectively and healthfully, you might want to hire a professional who has the knowledge and experience to help you reach your goals. And if you wanted to not go it alone, you might attend a boot camp so you could be surrounded by others with similar goals. The same is true for business. Entrepreneurs, business owners and sales professionals can get the jump start they need by attending a boot camp specially tailored to their needs. And not just any boot camp- The Maximize Your Business Now “LIVE” Boot Camp. images1

    Gary Barnes, aka The Traction Coach, is the master of creating inspiring and effective business boot camps.  He has created a hybrid event with inspiration from two world renowned experts: Tony Robbins and Carleton Sheets. Maximize Your Business Now is Barnes’ twenty-first such topic-driven workshop and teaches attendees control, empowerment, stress reduction and predictable business practices in this motivating two day program.

    And he is bringing in some of the best and brightest minds from around the country to add their energies and knowledge to the program:

    • TW Walker is bashfully known as the Entrepreneur Superhero after quietly building and selling many businesses over 20+ years. He can also share his secret to selling 4000 books in 90 days on Amazon!
    • Jonathon Sprinkles-Your Connection Coach, a television personality, featured columnist, author of ten books, and a leading authority on Connection strategies for leaders and achievers.
    • Andrea Adams-Miller– CEO & Founder of The Red Carpet Connection, LLC is deemed by the media as the “The Leading International Authority on Healthy Relationships.” Her motto is get published, get publicized and get profitable!
    • Patricia BeDo you want to know how to look your best to draw that perfect client to you? Patricia Be is one of Colorado’s top stylists and fashion consultants and can help give you the external advantage that will give you the internal confidence and edge too!

    The first day of Maximize Your Business Now is about Foundation (Friday, September 6). This will give you something strong to build on leading to the second day- Structure! (Saturday, September 7) Barnes’ boot camp teaches the audience how to maximize results of their investments of time, money and energy. He gives framework structure and techniques so that business owners can accomplish their goals. Who wouldn’t like more hours in a day? Barnes’ value based time management system literally puts time back into your calendar! One tip he shares gives back 41 hours into your life per year- guaranteed!

    Maximize Your Business is not a typical motivational conference that charges a lot of money, loads you up with paperwork and homework assignments and leaves you feeling overwhelmed. You will be able to work on your own goals while at this boot camp as well as gain control, empowerment, reduce stress and gain predictability in your business. All ages and all levels will learn to identify their three magic words, create a vivid vision, participate in valuable networking and quickly see a return on investment. Investment? That sounds like a lot of money! In fact, Maximize Your Business Now “Live” has been kept to an astonishingly low fee. When asked why so inexpensive, Barnes replied, “I want to be able to touch as many lives as possible and can do this with a lower price point.”

    imagesThe retail price for the two day Maximize Your Business Now “Live” is $997 however, the Early Bird price is only $197- which includes a free companion ticket! Bring your co-worker, bring a friend but don’t let this opportunity pass to share this impactful and life changing event with someone you value- especially yourself. This event will be held Friday, September 6 and Saturday September 7 at the Sheraton Hotel, Denver/Centennial, Colorado. You can conveniently register for the event at http://www.garybarnesinternational.com/maximize-your-business-now-live/

    Karen Loucks Rinedollar is the Executive Director of Denver Speakers Bureau. She is the Founder and Denver Coordinator of Project Linus, Speaker/Author/Coach, Volunteerism Expert, Patient and Healing Healthcare Advocate and she was a guest on Oprah. She is a client of Gary Barnes and is a huge fan of his. She will be attending Maximize Your Business Now “Live”. Her contact info is karen@old.denverspeakersbureau.com and you can follow her on Twitter at KarenLoucks303. 

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